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Upholstery cleaning servicesMany people purchase new furniture, simply because what they have in their house cannot be used due to dirt and dust. Why should you purchase new furniture just because you cannot make it clean? Why not contact us to do the cleaning for you? We have excellent procedures for cleaning any kind of upholstery and furniture and rendering it sparkling clean.

One of the reasons that make cleaning of upholstery furniture very hard, is the fabric that the furniture is made of. However, we use several cleaning tecniques according to the material of the upholstery. All the cleaning detergents and machines we use have been tested with satisfactory results on different kind of fabrics.

Carpet Cleaning in ChiswickPrices
Hallway carpetfrom £4
Bedroom carpetfrom £23
Living room carpetfrom £25
Minimum call out charge £55.
Before starting the cleaning process, we check very carefully the fibers of your sofa. Then we decide what would be the best cleaning technique and detergents to use for your furniture. All cleaning materials we use are designed for upholstery surfaces like sofas and couches. This helps preserve the original look of your expensive furniture.

The cleaning process involves the following steps:

  • Using vacuum cleaners to remove surface dirt and particles
  • Spraying no toxic and bio-degradable chemicals
  • Using hot water steaming to remove extra dirt from the fibers
  • Using a deodorizer to eliminate offensive odor

This process gets rid of all the dirt, blemishes and harmful organisms that cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning methods like hoovering or wiping. In addition to the services, we also provide a Protection solution commonly known as ‘Scotchgard’ which is widely used for reducing effects of stains and scratches on furniture. This solution has been proved to be very safe for the environment as well as to human beings, since it is not toxic.

Cleaners Chiswick is your best partner when it comes to offering cleaning solutions for several upholstered furniture, both in and out of the house. The company uses state of the art technology and the best cleaning agents, to make sure that your sofas, couches, mattresses and any other equipment made of leather is cleaned satisfactorily.

We have unrivaled experience in this field of cleaning. Our customers can attest to the fact that we go beyond general cleaning by ensuring your upholstered furniture’s quality is not compromised and will remain durable.

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